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"The school is small (all children in one class) with a real family atmosphere and kids are taught to look out for each other and care for one another. My son was initially very distressed to be separated from his mum but I was very impressed at the time and care the staff gave him to help him through this - the teacher even had a box full of special toys (distractors!) to engage him and he was given a very funky little sand clock to play with at nap time to help him focus and drift off ..." Justine Jones

Hand, Heart, and Mind
At Fridays Child Montessori, we believe that children explore their world with their hands, their hearts, and their minds. Our teachers recognise and interface with each child...

Concentration, Independence, and Joy
At Fridays Child Montessori, we believe that a child's natural way of being reveals itself when the child demonstrates three core signs...

Parent, Teacher, and Child
At Fridays Child Montessori, we believe that a strong relationship between the teachers and parents forms the foundation of your child's development. In addition to careful...

“Fridays Child was kind enough to have Sydney age 5 enjoy her school while visiting from America's Montessori School Creative Minds... We truly loved our experience at Fridays Child preschool and can’t wait for my youngest to join the school. Sydney was truly sad to go back to America as she felt so welcomed and made friends from day one. Thank you so much see you again.” Natalie Surie

Let Fridays Child Montessori EMPOWER YOUR CHILD IN 2013
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Why wait until 2016 for high quality childcare that also educates? We have delivered a preschool and Kindergarten program since we started. Teacher/Child ratios have always been better than minimum since 1987, staff are mums too, and all are qualified or currently studying. Your child benefits right now from the new Government education guidelines (Early Years Learning Framework).

Do you want your child to learn and have fun in a cosy homelike environment with teachers who really care? Watch the video and discover why, in our fully accredited QKFS kindergarten program centre we have

•    Small mixed age class – 24 children aged 2.5 to 5 with three experienced mature staff (most are parents) means lots of individual attention for your child. Your Child learns and grows at their own pace. Enough equipment to set up a 65 place centre so your child won’t get bored – there is too much to do!!! A rarity, Fridays Child had the same owner and teacher for 27 years until recently sold to the current owners.
•    Interest areas are always changing – your child will learn about science, weather, dinosaurs (always a favourite), social studies, other cultures, and geography to name a few. Plus the 3 R’s too.
•    Anti bullying and behaviour modification program means safer childcare - your child learns to stand up for themselves and to take charge of their own safety now and in future. Your child grows self-esteem and learns how to resolve conflict without hitting. Our program prevents bullying to start with.

The Teacher Tunes up the Smart Board at Fridays Child Montessori

The Teacher Tunes up the Smart Board at Fridays Child Montessori

Children learn numbers on Fridays Child Smartboard

Children learn numbers on Fridays Child Smartboard

We believe Montessori Education is a precious gift which should be available to all children, everywhere. We know that given a great start, children find ways to learn which are right for them.

At Fridays Child Montessori Preschool, our unique curriculum gives children both the guidance and the freedom to construct knowledge in ways meaningful to them. Highly trained teachers and staff nurture your childs natural curiosity and wonder within a safe, homelike environment which allows them to explore and discover. Children graduate from Fridays Child Preschool empowered to be creative problem solvers, life-long learners and interesting, curious individuals who have high self esteem and are brimming with confidence.

As the poem says "... Fridays Child is Loving and Giving ..."

Let your child experience Montessori for themselves ...


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