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In Home Montessori Activities – Self management


Self-management and the kitchen
One of the Montessori strands of learning is self-management, which encourages children to learn how to look after themselves as they grow towards adulthood. While Montessori child care centres are able to apply this principle to a certain extent, home is probably the best place to learn self-management skills as applied to cooking and eating.
To help your child with self-management, encourage him/her to help you in the kitchen. Of course, you have to choose appropriate activities to make sure that your child doesn’t get burnt or cut, but here’s a few possibilities:
- picking out cherry tomatoes for a salad
- scooping and pouring flour or sugar for a cake or dessert
- pouring water into saucepans
- popping peas out of their pods
- snipping up herbs with child-sized scissors
- cutting vegetables into large chunks (if the child is ready for this activity)
- stirring and mixing.
Like a good Montessori teacher, you’ll have to make sure that when you introduce the child to the activity, you (1) make sure the child is capable of doing the task, (2) demonstrate the task slowly and carefully so he/she learns how to do it properly.

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